Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the policy for putting purchases on account? (New in 2022)

Members can enjoy the privilege of putting purchases “On Account” at Trillium Wood. In order to do this, members agree to store a valid credit card on file that will be charged the full balance at the end of each month. This includes Pro Shop items, guest fees, tournament registration fees, etc. for 2022, Food & Beverage items may NOT be charged to your account. If you would like more information, please email

    Why are you limiting rounds? Why not keep the same membership model?

    The overall strategy was to provide a more equitable membership structure to reflect the amount each player plays. In the past players paid the same amount for a 7-day membership regardless of whether they played 100 rounds or 50 rounds. The new model provides every member to choose the club membership that best suits their needs. Rounds are limited in each club membership category to increase Trillium’s yield ($ per round) on membership rounds to a level that can be more sustainable in the long term.

    Why change now, is this because of COVID?

    Although COVID had an impact on golf last year, this is more about supply and demand tee times at our course(s). When demand exceeds supply, businesses have to adjust. The golf industry is no different, our supply of tee times was not sufficient in meeting the demand from golfers therefore we decided to adjust to this model in order to hopefully provide members more available tee times.

    What happens if I use all of my rounds?

    Once you have used the number of rounds included in your membership, you have the option to play more rounds. There is a discounted green fee charge associated with each club membership type that will be charged for every additional round over the club model you have signed up for.

    What if it rains and I cannot continue my round, do I have to use the full 18-hole round?

    If you tee off your first hole in the rain, there will be no rainchecks given, no exceptions. If you tee off when it is not raining and it begins to rain you will be issued an 18-hole raincheck if you played 14 holes or less. If you start the 15th hole then there will be no rainchecks offered. 

    What happens if I do not use all of my rounds by the end of the season?

    Just like memberships in past years, rounds expire at the end of the season if unused.

    What if I want to play 9 holes? How does that affect my rounds?

    To play 9 holes, you can redeem one of your 18-hole rounds to play 9. We will also issue a “9-hole member round” onto your profile to be used at a later date for a second 9-hole round. This can be done up to a maximum of 5 times (5 18-hole rounds split into 10 9-hole rounds).

    Can I use my rounds for other golfers?

    Club Membership rounds are NON-transferable and must be used only by the holder of the membership. No exceptions.

    What if I want a membership and play less than 40 rounds?

    Golf Plan Plus is perfect for golfers who play less than 40 times. Purchase one of these memberships and receive 4-6 included rounds AND up to 40% off green fees once your included rounds are used up. Please find more information HERE.

    What if I play in a league, do I have to use my rounds?

    Rounds for 9-hole leagues at Trillium are included with all club membership categories, so you do not have to use your club membership rounds. These leagues include Monday and Tuesday Night leagues, Tuesday morning ladies league and the Thursday evening Acton league. If you play in an 18-hole league (Monday mornings and/or Friday’s Player’s Club) you must use one of the rounds included in your membership.

    How do I book using my rounds?

    Each club member will have a package added to their profile with the number of rounds associated with their membership. When booking online you simply apply this package during the booking process, which will reduce your green fee to $0. Please do not apply your package rounds to any other golfer in your group, this will result in an inaccurate representation of how many rounds you have left.

    What if we had/want a Couples or Weekender membership?

    Couples memberships are more flexible than ever in 2021. You may combine any 2 Platinum, Gold or Silver club memberships together to form a couples membership and receive 5% off of the total price. IMPORTANT – Couples Memberships are only available for common-law partners who reside at the same address, no exceptions.

    What is the average number of rounds that members play?

    The range that our members play annually varies significantly. People’s intentions at the beginning of the season and what actually happens can vary as well. Overall, our members play about 52 rounds each. This ranges from 25 rounds to 120 rounds per season. This is a large range of play for the same cost of membership.



    Booking Policies:

        • Our online booking technology allows you to pay most items online prior to arrival. Our goal is to provide you “no touch” processing on arrival.
        • To book a tee time, book online using the Golf Courses of Quinte (GCOQ) mobile app, the Chronogolf mobile app or click on “Book a Tee Time” on our website. If needed, call our Golf Shop at 613-477-1831 to book a tee time over the phone.
        • If you are booking with a Green Fee Passport Book, Rotary Book, Canada Golf Card or using a Go Low package, please call the Pro Shop and we will organize your tee time and payment. These options cannot be completed when booking online. Each of these options are subject to a 7-day booking window.
        • There will be a 8-day booking period for members and a 7-day booking period for guests. Members also have a 7-day booking policy for Roundel Glen.
        • To get a desired tee time, it is suggested you book online at 6am, 8 days in advance for members, or 7 days in advance for public.
        • When booking, members and guests are required to provide the following information:
          • A valid credit card
          • An email for contacting purposes and,
          • The names for all of the golfers in the group to eliminate double bookings.
        • During peak hours (7AM – 4PM), foursomes will be mandatory as much as possible. If you want to play with less than four players, you must pay 50% of the remaining open spots within your tee time. If you are okay with being paired up with another player(s), then you can book as a single, twosome or threesome at no extra charge.

    Cancellation Policy: 

    Green Fee Cancellations:

        • Reservations may be cancelled up to 48-hours in advance. If the Golf Shop is not open, please leave a detailed message stating the cancellation request. If you don’t cancel your reservation within 48 hours, you will be charged a no show fee of $50 per player in the reservation.

    Member Cancellations:

        • Reservation may be cancelled up to 48 hours in advance. If the Golf Shop is not open, please leave a detailed message stating the cancellation request. If you don’t cancel your reservation within the 48 hours, you will be charged a member no show fee of $32.50 for all players in the reservation.

    Tournament Cancellations:

        • Tournaments of over 60 golfers must cancel 21 days prior to the tournament date or you will be charged a no show fee of $50 per golfer. There will be a deadline at 7 days out, where Trillium Wood will need a list of confirmed golfers and names. If the confirmed number drops significantly on the day of the tournament, there will be a no show fee of 50% of the green fee and cart for each no show.

    Rain Check Policy:

    Rain Checks

        • This season, rain checks will be issued if there is a significant rainfall or lightning that occurs for longer than 30 minutes. The Golf Shop staff will record when the rainfall first starts and will not hand out a rain check within the first half hour. Drizzle or light rain is not considered.
        • Members are not charged a no show fee if their reservation is cancelled due to a heavy rainstorm. We advise you to email the Golf Shop if you are uncertain about the weather.
        • Rain checks will not be issued for slow play, personal commitments or incomplete rounds due to darkness.
        • Public or Golf Plan rain checks will be issued based on the number of holes played. Please see below:
          • 0-6 holes played = 18 hole raincheck
          • 7-12 holes played = 9 hole raincheck
          • 13+ holes played = no raincheck

    Power Cart Policies:

        • All members and guests that rent a power cart must sign a cart agreement form before the golf round. 
        • To rent a golf cart you must be a minimum of 16 years old, with a valid driver’s license, and valid credit card. Golf carts are to be driven in a safe manner at all times. A maximum of two people and two sets of golf clubs are permitted per golf cart.
        • Any misuse or imprudent driving will result in immediate loss of golf cart use with no refunds. Golfers are responsible to cover costs of any at-fault damage to the golf cart during their round.

    Food and Beverage Policy:

        • This upcoming season you may only start a tab if we have a valid credit card on file. Tabs can be started at the halfway hut, the beverage cart and the patio. If a tab or amount owing is not settled by the end of the day, we will charge the amount to the credit card on file that day. An 18% gratuity will be added to all tabs.
        • As per Ontario liquor laws, only alcohol purchased from the club may be consumed on the property. Coolers and backpacks will not be permitted on the golf course under any circumstances (including food and non-alcoholic beverages). Staff may inspect golf bags for personal alcohol at any time. Any patrons found with outside alcohol will have their alcohol confiscated. Patrons will be removed from the property and/or have playing privileges suspended or revoked. No refunds will be given for green fees/cart rentals.

    Dress Code:

    At Trillium Wood Golf Club, we understand that everyone is entitled to their own taste when it comes to fashion.

    We do ask when visiting the facility, you refrain from wearing the following:

        • Denim
        • Strapless shoes or shoes with heels of any kind
        • Muscle shirts
        • Board shorts/swim trunks
        • Exposed midriff or spaghetti straps
        • Shorts with less than 4″ inseam
        • No metal spikes

    Acceptable wear:

    Gentlemen – Acceptable dress golf slacks, tailored shorts, golf shirt with collar, sweater, sweatshirt or pullover, jacket and rain gear.

    Ladies – Acceptable Dress skirts, culottes, slacks, tailored shorts, blouses, golf shirt with collar, sleeveless golf shirt, sweater, sweatshirt or pullover, jacket and rain gear.

        • It is required that all members, their guests, and public players wear suitable attire at all times on the course, driving range and in and around the Clubhouse. As dress is a personal matter and as contemporary golfing attire changes from time to time, any questions regarding the acceptability of any particular apparel can be reviewed with the Professional Staff.

    COVID-19 Policies

    As we transition towards a “new normal”, Trillium Wood encourages social distancing at all times. We will continue to ensure that all areas of the clubhouse, washrooms, halfway hut, etc. will be properly sanitized and cleaned frequently. We encourage all guests to wear masks indoors to protect from COVID-19.