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Membership Rates – 2024

To provide a more equitable membership structure to reflect the amount each player plays we have created a flexible membership model guaranteed to suit any golfer’s needs. Simply choose the number of rounds you anticipate playing in 2024, and become a member in that category!

Platinum ›
7-day Unlimited
$2,750.00 Unlimited Unlimited Anytime N/A

Platinum – 7-day Category


Platinum 80 › $2,495.00 80 Unlimited $34.00
Platinum 60 › $2,095.00 60 Unlimited $36.00
Platinum 40 › $1,550.00 40 0 $39.00
Gold – Weekday, Holidays not included        
Gold 80 › $2,295.00 80 Unlimited $35.00
Gold 60 › $1,945.00 60 Unlimited $37.00
Gold 40 › $1,425.00 40 0 $40.00
Silver 50 ›
7 Day After 1PM
$1,595.00 50 Unlimited after 4PM $33.00
Intermediate 50 ›
7 Day Anytime (Age 26-35)
$1,495.00 50 Unlimited $39.00
Intermediate 30 ›
7 Day Anytime (Age 26-35)
$970.00 30 Unlimited $41.00
Student 40 ›
7 Day Anytime (Age 18-25)
$1095.00 40 Unlimited $39.00
Junior ›
7 Day After 12PM**
$595.00 50 Unlimited $28.00

Cart Rates – 2024

Each cart package below offers a discount off the regular shared cart rate of $23 + tax.
Each of these packages are for shared carts.

40 Cart Package $760.00 40
20 Cart Package $420.00 20
10 Cart Package $220.00 10

Golf Plan Memberships

Golf Plan is geared for the golfer who does not play enough golf to justify the cost of a traditional full golf club membership. As well, Golf Plan allows you to play and save up to 40% on green fees at 3 quality golf courses: Trillium Wood Golf Club, Roundel Glen Golf Course, and Frankford Golf Course.

If you play more than 5 times a season but less than 35 rounds a season, Golf Plan is an affordable way to play at 3 different golf courses without the upfront risk of knowing how much golf you plan to play and at a reduced price! Stay tuned for our annual Golf Plan promotion in January!

If you play 10 x 18-hole rounds* prior to July 15th, you are eligible to register for the Trillium Wood Club Championship.

*5 bonus rounds plus a minimum of 5 x 18-hole green fees to qualify


Golf Plan – $169

Unrestricted play any time. Receive all the benefits that our full members receive, play in our Trillium Wood sanctioned events and more! Purchase before February 10th and receive one bonus green fee*!

* This round is non-transferable and can be used as an 18-hole round or a 9-hole round, it cannot be split into two 9-hole rounds.


Golf Plan Plus – $299

Receive all the benefits of a regular Golf Plan but at this price you receive 4 complementary Golf Plan green fees! These green fees are non-transferable and expire at the end of the season. Purchase prior to February 10th and receive an additional 1 rounds!

*All rounds are non-transferable. Included rounds can be used as four 18-hole rounds OR four 9-hole rounds, you cannot split any included 18-hole rounds into two 9-hole rounds.

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