2023 Opening Night – Wednesday, May 3, 2023



Welcome to the Wednesday Ladies Golf League. We are excited to get started on
another great season of golf. This league has a friendly golf atmosphere, and we
encourage our members to play with a variety of different people each week.

The first night of play will be Wednesday, May 3, 2023. The first tee time will begin at
4:36pm and our last tee time will be 5:30pm. If we need to add more tee times we will
do so if the numbers warrant.
This year we are also running an 18-hole ladies league starting around 1:30 each
Wednesday. If that is of interest, please indicate that in the notes section on the
registration page.

League Fee:  $50.00 (covers prizes, 50/50, chip-ins, and ringer board).  Pay and
register online at the link below this section.
We are asking everyone to register and pay online BEFORE the first day of the league.
Please click on this link to register and pay: Ladies League Fee 

Book your tee time at trilliumwood.com or on the Golf Courses of Quinte app each week
before Monday at noon. If you need help with booking your times please see the golf
Single or double? – no worries, the pro shop will create foursomes when necessary.
Non-members pay their 9-hole green fee of $39.27 (tax in).   Electric Carts are available
for 9-holes at special rates of $14.74 per person (tax in). Purchasing a league package
is strongly suggested as it gives you a biggest discount per round.

The following 9-hole packages will be available:
10 packs of green fees=$305.10 (tax in)
10 pack green fee and cart= $425.11 (tax in)
8 pack green fees=$253.12 (tax in)
8 pack green fee and cart=$373.08

These packages can only be used for the Ladies League and are non-transferable.
You can purchase these packages here: Ladies League Packages
Year-end flight scores will be based on your best (lowest) 10 games.  The more you
play the better your score may be. Weekly prize holes will also be set up.

Play your 9 or 18 holes as usual – alternate 9’s weekly (some exceptions) – and keep
accurate score. To be eligible for year-end flight prizes you must golf 10 times.
Please play ‘ready golf’ – be ready to hit your ball.  3 – minutes maximum for lost ball
search. If you cannot find it quickly, you probably never will – and it will most likely be
Keep pace with the group in front of you. You should be able to see them.  If you fall
behind more than 1 hole, as a courtesy to those behind you, pick up your golf ball and
move to the next hole.
Maximum score is 4 over par on any hole – ‘No double digits’, record your score &
move on.

Enter your score online. The league will send a link weekly to enter scores. We will keep
track weekly.
There is a ‘Ringer Board’ in the clubhouse. Each week you will change the score on the
ringer board for any hole where your score has improved.  At the end of our league
season, there will be prizes for the ‘most improved player’.
Virtual Birdie Tree:  If you get a birdie during Wed night league play, report your birdies
with your online score and we will keep a virtual birdie tree to track the number of
Each week we run a 50/50 Draw and Chip In Pot.
STAY FOR DINNER and enjoy some great food, friendships, perhaps a drink and some

SPECIAL NOTES during round:
Preferred Lie -any cut portion of the fairway (this includes the short rough-since cut- but
not ‘in the trees’) – you may move your ball 6 “inches no closer to the hole – no penalty

Ball in the woods, water etc – 1 stroke penalty
Ball lost or Out of Bounds (white staked) – 1 Stroke penalty + Distance (Play Ball from
original spot)
Ball in Water Hazard (Red Stakes) 1 stroke penalty
Hole # 10 Drop Zone after marsh left side – 1 stroke penalty  (1 stroke into marsh, 1
stroke for drop out of marsh,  plus 1 stroke next shot – total  3 strokes)
Hole # 14   Drop Zone after marsh left side – 1 stroke penalty (as above)
Obstructions- No penalty – All paths, maintenance roads and protective fences are
deemed to be obstructions. Drop 1 club length – No Penalty
Ground Under Repair – No penalty

Tournament Conflict Dates
From time to time, we may have to move our start times for the league. We will inform
you as soon as we are notified by Trillium Wood if we have to adjust our start times.
This may mean we eat first & then have a shot gun start after we eat.

If you have any questions, please email the committee at:trilliumladiesgolf@gmail.com