2024 League Details

We are excited to announce our new Golf Lounge league. Each team will consist of two golfers that will compete in a weekly 9 hole, 2-person scramble match play round versus another league team. The league will be a 11 week league with 8 weeks of regular season and 3 weeks of bracket-style playoffs to crown the champion of the inaugural TGL SIM League.

We will have two divisions, an A division and a B division. There will be two relegation weeks. Once after week 3 and again after week 6. During the relegation period, the two lowest placed teams in the A division will move down to the B division and the two top teams in the B division will move up to the A division. This helps keep the divisions fair.


When do you play?

For booking purposes, each league round will be booked for one hour. It is up to your team to book the round. We will not pre-book tee times. We understand that everyone will not be on the same schedule as their scheduled competitors for that week, therefore league scorecards will be compared after both teams complete their round and league standings will be updated at the end of each week.

Each team has 7-days to complete the 9-hole round. There will be skins available for an additional $5 per team. To register for skins, you must sign up and pay at reception before your round starts. Skins winnings will be handed out at the end of each week. *If you play 5 of your week play matches Monday-Wednesday between 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM, we will add a free one hour SIM time to your account.*


To register, each team will purchase a pre-paid package by clicking the button below. The league package includes 12-weeks of discounted simulator play, registration fee for both players, prizes, trackman mobile app leaderboards and score tracking.

Team Registration: $80 (Taxes In – Goes toward year end prizes)

11 Week Package Cost: $440.00 + HST (works out to $40 an hour taxes in). Teams that don’t qualify, or are eliminated at any stage of the playoffs will be allowed to use their remaining unused league package rounds for regular usage at the simulator. (i.e.Team 1 is eliminated in the semi finals of playoffs, this would leave the team with 1 hour of simulator time that they can use outside of the league)

How it works:

1. Purchase a package below to confirm your teams registration.
2. Download the Trackman mobile app and create a profile. We will invite you to the league on the mobile app. Once you have accepted the invitation on the app, you can see the schedule, standings and settings.
3. Book a tee time for during the week. When you show up, sign in with the barcode on your app.
5. Have fun, good luck and enjoy!

How To Book Online:

We are a fully staffed operation, but booking online is the most efficient way to book your reservation. You can book on the web at the button below or on your mobile app. All golfers will have a 10-day booking window. Please see the steps below for how to book your reservation online or on the app.

1. When booking, make sure the “course” is set to The Golf Lounge rather than Trillium Wood Golf Club.

2. Book as a single only. You may need to edit your players to 1. It will not allow you to book as more than one golfer. Each reservation will have three guests to block the tee time for booking purposes. If there is a 4th spot available, the tee time is available for booking.

3. If you are booking for multiple hours. You will have to reserve multiple bookings in a row. Make sure all of the times are available on the correct bay prior to booking. For example, if you are booking bay 01 for four hours, check beforehand to see if bay 01 is available for those four hours.

4. We are located behind Capers Restaurant at 272 Front St. in Belleville, Ontario. Enter through our main entrance near the back parking lot. Please don’t enter through the restaurant.

5. Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your tee time. All customers are required to check in at the reception desk prior to play.

6. If you’re a current member booking for public players, continue with the booking and we will add the $5 fee when you arrive. If you’re a public player booking and a member is in your group, we will refund the $5 difference when you arrive.

7. A valid credit card on file will be mandatory for all bookings. Reservations must be prepaid.

8. Must have clean footwear to use in the hitting bays. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

9. Outside alcohol will not be permitted on the premises under any circumstances.

10. Have fun and enjoy our premier indoor lounge experience!

*Please note that your booking will end 5 minutes prior to the final hour to allow for staff to clean and get it prepared for the next customer.

If you are having problems booking, please email us back or call us at 613-477-1831.


If you plan to have Food & Beverage available for your round, the restaurant hours of operation are below:

Wednesday: 12:00 – 9:00 PM
Thursday: 12:00 – 9:00 PM
Friday: 12:00 – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 5:00 – 10:00 PM