Team Trillium

Junior Competitive


This program is for juniors who have played competitive golf previously or have a desire to in the near future. Beginning in early May, players will have a minimum of 1 hour of personalized instruction per week (at a mutually agreed upon time) along with a 9 hole playing lesson on Wednesday evenings. Once school is out in July, the playing lesson will be expanded to an 18 hole opportunity while maintaining the 1 on 1 golf instructional, again at a time that is convenient to the player and the instructor.
Weekly sessions will focus on the following: 
  • Essential golf fundamentals and skill progression
  • Full swing development
  • Short game skills and drills (chipping, pitching, putting)
  • Greenside and fairway bunker play
  • Understanding the rules of golf
  • Proper etiquette and behaviour in a competitive setting
Included in the package is the following:
  • GAO membership
  • Participation in the age appropriate Trillium Wood Club Championship (date to be confirmed)
  • Participation in the Junior Golf Tournament hosted by Trillium Wood (date to be confirmed)
  • Paid entry fee at one other event (more information to be provided)
  • TW golf shirt(s) and hats for tournament use
  • Additional instruction where interest and time permits at no additional cost
As well, a 1/2 price membership will be made available to anyone who signs up for this program.