2022 Senior Mens Invitational Results


Thank you all for coming out to participate in the annual Senior Men’s Invitational at Trillium Wood! It was a hot, windy day but it was great regardless! We had 74 players total, and plenty of solid scores. Please find details below for results. Prizes can be picked up at the Pro Shop or we can mail them out. If you have won a skin or two but are from out of the area, we can e-transfer to your preferred email. Thanks again, if you have any questions please let me know by emailing golf@trilliumwood.com.


All the best,


Kyle Coolen 


Skins Results

Flight 50-59 60-64 65-69 70+
Total Pot $100 $180 $140 $100
Total Skins 5 8 7 6

Steven Burke x2

Brian McCarthy

Paul Higson

Todd Betteridge

Jeff Sands x2

Gabe Orday

Vic Molnar

Paul Munro

Doug McLean

Chris Marco

Brian Perkins

Shawn Graham x2

Bryon Fife x2

Rick Greenhough

Rick King

Rick Jeffery

Eric Peterson x2

Geoff Henning x2

Ed Malinowski

Stephon White


50-59 Flight Gross

50-59 Flight Net

60-64 Flight Gross

60-64 Flight Net

65-69 Flight Gross

65-69 Flight Net 

70+ Flight Gross 

70+ Flight Net