TW Intermediate 50 Membership (26-35)

TW Intermediate 50 Membership (26-35)


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Trillium Wood Intermediate 50 Membership:

  • This package applies to those who hold an Intermediate 50 membership at Trillium Wood. In order to track rounds per member type, each member will hold this package and have a round redeemed each time they play.
  • Packages can be applied online at the time of booking, if we see your name on the tee sheet and there is no round redeemed, we will redeem it for you.
  • As an Intermediate 50 holder, you are eligible for 7-day anytime playing privileges at Trillium Wood, unlimited golf at Roundel Glen after 2PM and unlimited weekday golf at Frankford Golf Course. Rounds before 2PM at Roundel require the use of a round from your package.
  • To play 9 holes, you can redeem one of your 18-hole rounds to play 9. We will also issue a “9-hole member round” onto your profile to be used at a later date for a second 9-hole round. This can be done up to a maximum of 5 times (5 18-hole rounds split into 10 9-hole rounds).
  • You do not have to use 2 of your 50 rounds to participate in the Trillium Wood Club Championship.
  • A discounted green fee rate of $39 + tax will be applied to the credit card on file for every round above 50 rounds played.
  • All rounds are non-transferable