Welcome to Trillium Wood!

Welcome to Trillium Wood! We are excited to have you on our staff for the 2022 season! We are anticipating a very busy, exciting year this summer.  There are a few things you must complete before your employment begins at Trillium.  You can find step-by-step instructions below to get you organized to begin your employment at Trillium Wood.

Step 1. Fill out tax forms for 2022 employment

Please fill out the TWO forms at the links below.  Most employees will take the basic personal amount of $11, 141.00. Please fill out the rest of the forms and print and sign. Please provide the signed copies to your supervisor.

If you have worked a second job or will be working a second job within the 2022 year please indicate on the second page of both forms that you have another employer and fill in at the bottom of both tax forms and sign and date. 

Step 2. Fill out Banking Information Form

Click the link below to provide us with your banking information (bank, transit number, account number). If you are a returning employee you only have to do this step if your banking information has changed.

9 + 15 =

Step 3. Review Employee Handbook

All Trillium employees are required to read the Employee Handbook prior to their first shift. Follow the link below to read the 2022 Employee Handbook.

Step 4. Complete Health and Safety Certification

Click the link below and follow the steps to complete your health and safety certification. All staff must complete this certification within 7 days of their first day of work.


Step 5. Sign up to receive electronic pay stubs and T4 slip (mandatory)

Get your employee ID and company number (8735) from your supervisor. Follow the steps outlined in the link below to setup “epost” and receive your bi-weekly pay stubs. click the link below and follow the steps in that document.


Step 6. Fill out sizing sheet for staff uniforms

New this season at Trillium, we will be ordering uniforms for all staff! There is a $50 deposit for 2 uniform shirts paid at the beginning of the golf season. If you are still working at Trillium after the 3rd week in August, you will get $50 back at the end of August from your initial $50 deposit. Follow the link below to fill out a sizing form.