2022 League Details

Welcome to the Monday Morning League web page!

I hope you have had a great winter and hopefully managed to get down south to enjoy some warm weather and golf. Below you will find details regarding the Monday Morning League.

The Monday Morning league is open to all players. It is an 18-hole league organized by members. Tee-off is usually straight tee times between 8am and 10:30am each Monday, except for Holidays. Each Monday, league members congregate on our beautiful patio following their rounds to enjoy refreshments and snacks from our excellent restaurant.

Each week is a different format and can range from individual skins, to two-person better ball, to four-person scramble, and more. All formats are handicapped as well, so to join the league you must have a valid handicap. Each league participant submits $5 cash to organizers each week prior to their round that goes into the prize pool for that week.

If you would like more information please see below and/or email golf@trilliumwood.com.

2022 League Season Information

First, we would like to thank Doug Beale for all of the time and effort he put into running the league last season, I hope everyone had a great year and a lot of fun.

We are also happy to report that Paul Munro, Doug Bastedo, and Don Warren will be organizing the league this season with some help from the Pro Shop staff as well.

We have had many conversations throughout the offseason to ensure each Monday will be fun and enjoyable for everyone. We would like to highlight a couple of important items going into the 2022 season for the Monday Morning League:

1. Each week it will be the responsibility of each league member to send an email by Thursday at 12 PM to league organizers informing them that they will be playing in the following Monday League. We will not put you into a tee time unless an email is received – verbal communication is not sufficient.

2. Once all communication has been received, the draw and format will be posted on the website no later than Saturday evening.

3. Each player is responsible to bring $5 cash each Monday to put into the pot for prizes BEFORE the round. Entries during or after the round will not be accepted. 

4. Opening day for the league will be May 16th. Tee times will begin at 9AM. The rest of the league schedule can be found by clicking the button below.

5. There is a registration fee of $40 for each league member. This covers all administration costs as well as a meal following the last day of league play (October 3rd).

6. Each league player is responsible for checking in with Trillium Wood Pro Shop staff prior to the round at the outdoor kiosk prior to their round to ensure their round is paid for and/or covered with a round from their membership package. Valid credit cards must be stored on file with Trillium Wood.

7. Players who do not cancel 24 hours or more in advance and do not show for their tee time will be charged $32.50+tax (50% of a regular green fee) to the credit card on file.

8. In order to play in the league, you must register and pay the $40 fee. To play each week, you must respond to the weekly invite sent from the league coordinators mondayleague@trilliumwood.com