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For our 2021 membership drive, current members will have the first opportunity to sign up for 2022 memberships. Until October 31, 2021 we will only allow current members to sign up for 2022. Starting November 1, 2021, we will allow new members to sign up. We are limiting memberships to 25% less than the total number of members from 2021. We expect the memberships to fill up quickly.

If you have rounds left from your 2021 membership, the remaining rounds will be carried over to 2022 if you renew or purchase another membership (Golfplan’s are not included). You MUST use your 2022 rounds before you can use the rounds that were carried over from 2021. Please note that this policy is in place as a result of the government shut down in May 2021, going forward after 2022 this policy may be removed.

9-hole league/tournament rounds are included with your membership and will not count towards your total rounds used (Golf Plan not included). If you wish to play at Roundel Glen prior to 2:00P.M. you will be using one of your rounds included in your TW Membership.

If for any medical reason or you are relocating and unable to play during the 2022 golf season, we can discuss refunding options. 

All Trillium Wood members have reciprocal playing privileges at Roundel Glen GC (at CFB Trenton) and at Frankford GC. These privileges allow Trillium Wood members to play at the other courses based on the restrictions of their Trillium Wood membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you limiting rounds? Why not keep the same membership model?

The overall strategy was to provide a more equitable membership structure to reflect the amount each player plays. In the past players paid the same amount for a 7-day membership regardless of whether they played 100 rounds or 50 rounds. The new model provides every member to choose the club membership that best suits their needs. Rounds are limited in each club membership category to increase Trillium’s yield ($ per round) on membership rounds to a level that can be more sustainable in the long term.

Why change now, is this because of COVID?

Although COVID had an impact on golf last year, this is more about supply and demand tee times at our course(s). When demand exceeds supply, businesses have to adjust. The golf industry is no different, our supply of tee times was not sufficient in meeting the demand from golfers therefore we decided to adjust to this model in order to hopefully provide members more available tee times.

What happens if I use all of my rounds?

Once you have used the number of rounds included in your membership, you have the option to play more rounds. There is a discounted green fee charge associated with each club membership type that will be charged for every additional round over the club model you have signed up for.

What if it rains and I cannot continue my round, do I have to use the full 18-hole round?

If you tee off your first hole in the rain, there will be no rainchecks given, no exceptions. If you tee off when it is not raining and it begins to rain you will be issued an 18-hole raincheck if you played 14 holes or less. If you start the 15th hole then there will be no rainchecks offered. 

What happens if I do not use all of my rounds by the end of the season?

Just like memberships in past years, rounds expire at the end of the season if unused.

What if I want to play 9 holes? How does that affect my rounds?

To play 9 holes, you can redeem one of your 18-hole rounds to play 9. We will also issue a “9-hole member round” onto your profile to be used at a later date for a second 9-hole round. This can be done up to a maximum of 5 times (5 18-hole rounds split into 10 9-hole rounds).

Can I use my rounds for other golfers?

Club Membership rounds are NON-transferable and must be used only by the holder of the membership. No exceptions.

What if I want a membership and play less than 40 rounds?

Golf Plan Plus or Golf Plan Platinum are perfect for golfers who play less than 40 times. Purchase one of these memberships and receive 4-6 included rounds AND up to 40% off green fees once your included rounds are used up. Please find more information HERE.

What if I play in a league, do I have to use my rounds?

Rounds for 9-hole leagues at Trillium are included with all club membership categories, so you do not have to use your club membership rounds. These leagues include Monday and Tuesday Night leagues, Tuesday morning ladies league and the Thursday evening Acton league. If you play in an 18-hole league (Monday mornings and/or Friday’s Player’s Club) you must use one of the rounds included in your membership.

How do I book using my rounds? 

Each club member will have a package added to their profile with the number of rounds associated with their membership. When booking online you simply apply this package during the booking process, which will reduce your green fee to $0. Please do not apply your package rounds to any other golfer in your group, this will result in an inaccurate representation of how many rounds you have left.

What if we had/want a Couples or Weekender membership?

Couples memberships are more flexible than ever in 2022. You may combine any 2 Platinum or Gold club memberships together to form a couples membership and receive 5% off of the total price. IMPORTANT – Couples Memberships are only available for common-law partners who reside at the same address, no exceptions.

What is the average number of rounds that members play?

The range that our members play annually varies significantly. People’s intentions at the beginning of the season and what actually happens can vary as well. Overall, our members play about 52 rounds each. This ranges from 25 rounds to 120 rounds per season. This is a large range of play for the same cost of membership.

Have a question about booking? Check out our Policies page for answers!
Golf Plan Memberships

Golf Plan is geared for the golfer who does not play enough golf to justify the cost of a traditional full golf club membership.

As well, Golf Plan allows you to play and save up to 40% on green fees at 3 quality golf courses: Trillium Wood Golf Club, Roundel Glen Golf Course, and Frankford Golf Course.

If you play more than 5 times a season but less than 35 rounds a season, Golf Plan is an affordable way to play at 3 different golf courses without the upfront risk of knowing how much golf you plan to play and at a reduced price!

Stay tuned for our annual Golf Plan promotion in January!

Golf Plan - 129$

Unrestricted play any time. Receive all the benefits that our full members receive, play in our Trillium Wood sanctioned events and more! (Club Championship not included). Purchase before February 15th and receive one bonus green fee*!

* This round is non-transferable and can be used as an 18-hole round or a 9-hole round, it cannot be split into two 9-hole rounds.

Buy Golf Plan for 129$

Golf Plan Plus - $239

Receive all the benefits of a regular Golf Plan but at this price you receive 4 complementary Golf Plan green fees! These green fees are non-transferable and expire at the end of the season. Purchase prior to February 15th and receive an additional 2 rounds!

*All rounds are non-transferable. Included rounds can be used as six 18-hole rounds OR six 9-hole rounds, you cannot split any included 18-hole rounds into two 9-hole rounds.

Buy Golf Plan Plus for 239$

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