Wednesday Leagues

Evening Ladies League

COVID-19 League Procedures - Please Read
2020 Opening Night – Date TBD.


League Fee:  $50.00 (covers prizes, ringer board & year-end festivities/dinner).  Pay and register online at the link below this section.

League start will be announced once the golf course is able to open.   On opening day we will play a fun best-ball format. Last league golf play date is September 23rd.  Year end party is Septemer 30th (no golfing).


Non-members pay their green fee of $28.00 (includes HST).   Electric Carts are available at special rates of $10.62 per person. 10 pack of green fees is $260.00 (includes HST) & can only be used for the Ladies League & is non transferable.

Sign in on the weekly score sheet in restaurant +  $ 1.00 loonie with a round ‘name sticker’ for 50/50 draw, plus optional .25 chip in pot (winner takes all or shared if more than 1 chip in or money carried to following week if no chip ins).

Play your 9 holes as usual – alternate 9’s weekly (some exceptions) – and keep accurate score.  Tee times are set up using an online calendar that each person will have access to. You are responsible each week to go online and choose your tee time via this list.

The tees will be blocked off from 4:15-5:30 for the Ladies League. To be eligible league scores, tee off for that nine cannot be before 3pm.

All golf scores are to be recorded.  To be eligible for yearend flight prizes you must golf 10 times.

Year-end flight scores will be based on your best (lowest) 10 games.  The more you play the better your score will be.

Weekly prize hole will be set up.


Please play ‘ready golf’ – be ready to hit your ball.  3 – minutes maximum for lost ball search. If you cannot find it quickly, you probably never will – and it will most likely be unplayable.

Keep pace with the group in front of you. You should be able to see them.  If you fall behind more than 1 hole, as a courtesy to those behind you, pick up your golf ball and move to the next hole.

Maximum score is 4 over par on any hole – ‘No double digits’, record your score & move on.


Enter your score on the sign in sheet including total. We will keep track weekly.

Complete the ‘Ringer Board’ located by the weekly sign-in sheets. Enter your complete score including the total for the 1st time you play each 9 during Wed League play. Then, every future time you play that 9 during Wed league play only, you may change your hole score only if lower and put a ring around the new lower hole score. Do not change the 1st total for 9 holes that you entered originally-only the new lower hole score. You will see how much you have improved weekly and over the year. At the end of our league season, there will be prizes for the ‘most improved player’.  At the end of the season there will be prizes.

Virtual Birdie Tree:  If you get a birdie during Wed night league play, circle your birdies on the weekly score sheet.  We will put a birdie on the Birdie tree Year end prize for the most birdies.

Each week we run a 50/50 Draw/Chip In

STAY FOR DINNER and enjoy some great food, friendships, perhaps a drink and some laughs! 

SPECIAL NOTES during round:

Preferred Lie -any cut portion of the fairway (this includes the short rough-since cut- but not ‘in the trees’) – you may move your ball 6 “inches no closer to the hole – no penalty

Ball in the woods, water etc – 1 stroke penalty

Ball lost or Out of Bounds (white staked) – 1 Stroke penalty + Distance (Play Ball from original spot)

Ball in Water Hazard (Red Stakes) 1 stroke penalty

Hole # 10  Drop Zone after marsh  left side – 1 stroke penalty  (1 stroke \into marsh, 1 stroke for drop out of marsh,  plus 1 stroke next shot – total  3 strokes)

Play a provisional ball if you think your ball may be out of play.

Hole # 14   Drop Zone after marsh left side – 1 stroke penalty (as above)

Obstructions- No penalty – All paths, maintenance roads and protective fences are deemed to be obstructions. Drop 1 club length – No Penalty

Ground Under Repair – No penalty 

Tournament Conflict Dates

We will inform you as soon as we are notified by Trillium Wood.   We can eat first & then have a shot gun start.

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