Thursday Morning Ladies League

Unfortunately due to the situation regarding COVID-19, we have decided not to run the Thursday morning league this year as we will have a limited staff in the clubhouse. Because of this we would not be able to run the league to its full potential to give everyone a great experience. We have decided that we will delay the league until 2021 when we will have a full staff and can successfully run the league. I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and we look forward to running the league again in 2021. Stay safe and stay healthy everyone.


Our goal is to continue to grow this league at Trillium Wood. If you are at all interested, please register your name below and we will communicate the details to you.  The present direction of the league is:

  • A women’s only 9 or 18-hole league
  • Individual play, players will keep their own score
  • Weekly on-course contests
  • Weekly lunch specials
  • Any level of golfer is welcome
  • To provide a social, fun league 
  • A year-end banquet to celebrate the season

We will be establishing a committee for this league so we are looking for anyone to step up and help coordinate with our staff about the weekly requirements of the league.

*Final decisions on the start tee times will be decided by the group


We will assume everyone who is registered is playing each Thursday unless we are informed beforehand.  Please let us know by the Monday prior to the league if you will not be playing that week.

18 hole players will tee off 2 hours earlier and play 18 different holes so that they finish around the same time as the 9-hole players.  Please let us know by 12p.m. on the Monday prior if you are playing 18 holes, we have currently set aside 1 tee time at 8:00a.m. for players who want to play 18 holes.


League Fee:  $30 to cover prizes each week.

Register online at the link below this section.

League begins on May 21st, tee times beginning at 10:30A.M.  Last league golf play date is September 26th.  


Green Fees for non-members: 9 holes: $26.54; 18 holes: $39.83.

Cart Rental Fee: 9 Holes: $8.85; 18 holes: $15.93 per person.

Play your 9 holes – same 9 each week (some exceptions) – and keep accurate score.  

The tees will be blocked off from 10:00-11:00 for the Ladies League. Final times to be determined.

All golf scores are to be recorded.  There will be fun weekly games, rules will be provided each week for that game.

Weekly prize hole will be set up.


Please play ‘ready golf’ – be ready to hit your ball.  3 – minutes maximum for lost ball search. If you cannot find it quickly, you probably never will – and it will most likely be unplayable.

Keep pace with the group in front of you. You should be able to see them.  If you fall behind more than 1 hole, as a courtesy to those behind you, pick up your golf ball and move to the next hole.

Maximum score is double the par on each hole. Pick up your ball once you hit double the par on any hole.


Hand in your score card to the Pro Shop. 

Each week we run a 50/50 draw for $2.

STAY FOR LUNCH and enjoy some great food, friendships, perhaps a drink and some laughs! 

SPECIAL NOTES during round:

Preferred Lie -any cut portion of the fairway (this includes the short rough-since cut- but not ‘in the trees’) – you may move your ball 6 “inches no closer to the hole – no penalty

Ball in the woods, water etc – 1 stroke penalty

Ball lost or Out of Bounds (white staked) – 1 Stroke penalty + Distance (Play Ball from original spot)

Ball in Water Hazard (Red Stakes) 1 stroke penalty

Hole # 10  Drop Zone after marsh left side – 1 stroke penalty  (1 stroke\into marsh, 1 stroke for drop out of marsh,  plus 1 stroke next shot – total  3 strokes)

Play a provisional ball if you think your ball may be out of play.

Hole # 14   Drop Zone after marsh left side – 1 stroke penalty (as above)

Obstructions- No penalty – All paths, maintenance roads and protective fences are deemed to be obstructions. Drop 1 club length – No Penalty

Ground Under Repair – No penalty 

Tournament Conflict Dates

We will inform you as soon as we are notified by Trillium Wood. 

Thursday Ladies Leagues Formats

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