Trillium Wood Players Club (TWPC)

The TWPC is a group of golfers ranging from 0 – 20+ handicap. We play a lot of different formats and some of the events are handicapped to make it fair for everyone or various team games. It costs $15 per person, $5 goes to the format we are playing, $5 is for the closest to the hole (everyone puts in $1 for every closest to the hole, so if we have 20 people, $20 to the person on each par 3 that is closest) and $5 goes into the skins pot, which can be gross or net.

Points are accumulated each week we play based on the number of people showing up. Points are listed below. At the end of the year, the points leader wins the prestige of hoisting the Fed Up Cup.

If you are interested in getting your name on the distribution list, send an email to  Email goes out the week before, and if you are interested in playing, just email Jerry back saying that you are in, No commitment to play each week, just whenever you are available.

This fine gentleman in the picture below is the 2022 Fed Up Cup Champion, he goes by the name of Al Mazerall. Al made a late charge in the last two events to propel him into the lead and finished the league with hoisting the Cup. Congratulations Al on some great playing throughout the year. Interesting with this photo, it was darker than the picture looks, way darker!!!!

You can see the results below Al’s picture

This wraps up another successful year for the Trillium Wood Players Club. See everyone next year.


The club is a pretty good group of people and we have a ton of fun during and after the round.

8 people or less 1st – 9pts, 2nd – 6pts, 3rd – 5th – 3pts

9 – 14 people – 1st – 12pts, 2nd – 9pts, 3rd – 6pts, 4fh – 6th – 3pts

15 – 20 people – 1st – 15pts, 2nd – 12pts, 3rd – 10, 4th-6th – 7pts, 7fh – 10th – 5pts

21 – 25 people – 1st – 20pts, 2nd – 17pts, 3rd – 14pts, 4th – 10pts, 5th – 7th – 7pts, 8fh – 10th – 4pts

26 people or more – 1st – 25pts, 2nd – 21pts, 3rd – 18pts, 4th – 15pts, 5th – 12 pts, 6th – 8th – 9pts, 9fh – 11th – 6pts, 12th-14th – 3pts.