Match Play


MATCH PLAY Championship

New improved format to streamline and intensify the competition.


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Flight Details

Premiere Flight < 6 Handicap (Men Gold, Ladies White)

Champ Flight > 6 < 12 Handicap (Men Blue, Ladies White)

Trillium Flight > 12 < 18 Handicap (Men White, Ladies Red)

Players Flight > 18 (Men White, Ladies Red)


Medal Play Field Day - Saturday May 14

Tee times starting at 9:00 am

You will be playing with your flight, you can play up if you choose

All non-verified caps play in Premiere Flight

This day will deternine if you qualify to play in the Match Play Championship Weekend on May 28, 29th.


Format (Field Day to determine field)

Under 12 entrants in flight, low 8 go to Match play.

Over 12 - 24 entrants in flight, low 8 go to Match play.

Over 24 entrants in flight, low 16 go to Match play.

Ties for last spot in each flight will be settled by sudden death playoff, starting

on #1 tee.


Match Play Championship Weekend -May 28, 29th

No strokes within your flight.

All matches will be played the weekend of May 28th & 29th

First round Saturday morning, second round afternoon

Third round Sunday morning, fourth round sunday afternoon (if needed)

Playoffs start on #1 immediately after round.

Trophy and prize $$ paid out after matches completed



Cost for the tournament is $15.00, payable to Steve Edwards. All money is presented back to the winners as 1st Place 60%, Runner up 25%, Semis 15% split. We will be running a $10 skins & Closest to Pin on the day of the Field Day for all.


Special Green Fee rate for those that enter: $40.00 (taxes extra)

RG Members, and GolfPlan - $30


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Thanks for the support and call me if you have any questions.

Steve Edwards 613-967-8414