The following is our initial protocol for operating our leagues for the 2021 season to ensure safety of customers and staff.  We will need to work together to follow these procedures in order to ensure a safe and successful league season.
Posting Draw for the Week
Letting players know their tee time/hole and who they are playing with will all be done online. The draw will be posted on the league web page on the Sunday evening prior to the week of play. 
For those leagues that are team play (Monday and Tuesday night), each week you will designate an “early” twosome and a “late” twosome. The early twosome will tee off by 5:20pm, late twosome by 5:30PM. Players can arrive between 4:45-5:25 but must wait for their partner to arrive before heading to their hole. As soon as your partner has arrived, you must load up and go directly to your starting hole and wait until tee off (DO NOT PLAY A WARM-UP HOLE). Please approach the carts while applying social distancing practices. You may ride in the same cart as your partner but must wear a mask at all times in the cart unless you reside from the same household.
Golf Carts
Golf carts will be shared. Players must wear a mask at all times when riding in a cart with a partner unless from the same household. This rule is in accordance with the new rule regarding sharing carts from the National Golf Course Owners Association and Golf Ontario. 
Checking In and Paying
We need to reduce line ups and make it as much “no touch” check in as possible. Therefore we have to have each player pay for the league online prior to our first night. We will not have our annual opening tournament for the Tuesday Night League this year, however we will have an opening “trial” day for the league, date TBD.
We have posted on the league web page the costs of the league. Please refer to the tables there.
If you want to hit the driving range prior to play you may purchase from our Pro Shop. If the range stations are all full, you will be asked to wait until a position opens up. Keep in mind, if you arrive too early you may have to wait at your car for a period of time.
We will use scorecards for 2021, scorecards will be available to pick up from the Outdoor Pro Shop building prior to your round. Please turn them in to Jerry for Monday Night League. For the Tuesday Night League there will be a box in the Outdoor Pro Shop where you will drop your cards off after the round. If your scorecard is not turned in, your match will be scored a tie. Make sure you start scoring on the correct hole. Standings will be updated weekly.
We will begin the league with two divisions and make adjustments part way through the season (approx 6 weeks).
50/ 50 Draw and Skins
The 50/50 draw helps provide some of our prizes at the end of the season. We will run the 50/50 draw again this year, the sign-up will be located at the Outdoor Pro Shop building prior to your round. Skins sign-up will also be there and will be $5 per twosome. 
On-course Competitions
We will have our regular closest to the pins each week. There will not be a pencil or marker this year, you will have to use your own. Prizes will be available for pickup in the Pro Shop the following week.
For skins for Monday b , email for the Tuesday Night League to inform us if you are participating in skins. You will pay $50 for your team for the first 5 weeks on the first night of league to reduce the amount of payments. Email a picture of your scorecard to Trillium Wood after your round to be eligible to win a skin.
For Monday Night League, e-transfer Jerry Traer ( $50 for the first 5 weeks for Monday Night League to inform Jerry you are in skins. Email a picture to Jerry after your round to be eligible for a skin.
Skins for both leagues will be by division.
At this point, our plans are to use the Half-Way hut for food preparation and distribution. This precludes that there is no sit down meals. The clubhouse will not be open except for the golf shop for the foreseeable future. 
Each week, we will have “on the go” food that can be picked up at the half-way hut before or during your round. We will set up a pre-order procedure so that we can ensure we have enough food ready prior to teeing off. We are working on the details on how best to execute and will provide more details soon.
As well, if you would like “food to go” after the round, we will have options for you to choose from and order so that it is ready to take home to eat. We will ensure safe handling and will do our best to make the options interesting. 
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