Trillium Wood Club Championship Weekend

Enjoy a weekend of golf and play in a fun stroke play event to decide Trillium Wood’s Club Champions!

  • Continental breakfast available for purchase prior to your round
  • Tee times commence at 10AM
  • Mens divisions tee off first, Ladies to follow
  • Complementary finger foods provided following your round
  • Drink specials following your round as well
  • Continental breakfast available for purchase prior to your round.
  • Tee times commence at 8AM
  • Ladies divisions off first, men to follow
  • Glazed ham sandwiches will be provided following your round
  • Pro Shop to complete scoring as groups come in and present prizes as soon as possible

See below for a description on how we are flighting the tournament.

2019 Divisions and Flighting




Senior Mens

Senior Ladies



We will be flighting each division based on number of entries.  Each flight will contain 6-10 players. Flights will be based on scores after round 2. For example: if the ladies division consists of 27 players, we will split it into 3 flights. Flight 1 would be the top 9 scores from the two days, flight 2 would be the middle 9 scores from the two days, and flight 3 would be the highest 9 scores over the two days.  There will be prizes for the winners of each flight within each division.

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Please see below for an updated draw for Saturday’s round.

2019 Club Championship Rules

Club Championship Divisions and Tee Markers

Men’s Division: – age 18 and up (as of August 24, 2019)

–  Blue tee markers on Saturday, Blue/Gold tee markers on Sunday

Senior Men’s Division: – age 55 and up (as of August 24, 2019)

– White tee markers on Saturday, Blue/White tee markers on Sunday


Ladies Division: – Age 18 and up (as of August 24, 2019)

– Red tee markers on Saturday, White/Red tee markers on Sunday

Senior Ladies: – 50 and over (as of August 24, 2019)

– Red tees on Saturday, Red tees on Sunday.

Junior Divisions: – up to age 18 (as of August 24, 2019)

– Girls:  – red tee markers on Saturday, red tee markers on Sunday

– Boys:  – white tee markers on Saturday, blue tee markers on Sunday

Conditions of Competition

The Club Champion in each division will be determined by 36 holes of stroke play, with the lowest total score for the 36 holes determining the Champion. Ties for Low Gross scores will be decided by a Sudden Victory playoff starting on hole # 1.

There will be gross prizes for each flight. Flights will be determined based on scores over the two days of play.

Players arriving within 5 minutes late of their starting time will be assessed a 2 stroke penalty on their first hole. Players arriving after 5 minutes late for their starting time will be disqualified from competition.

Junior Division competitors must walk during both stipulated rounds. Men’s, Senior Men’s and Ladies Division competitors may ride in a power cart, if so choosing.

Practice BEFORE or BETWEEN Rounds – Rule 7-1b

On any day of competition, a competitor shall NOT practice on the competition course or test the surface of any putting green on that course BEFORE a stipulated round or playoff. With the Club Championship being played over 2 consecutive days, a competitor shall NOT practice BETWEEN those two rounds on the competition course, or test the surface of any putting green on the same course.


Local Rules

Ground Under Repair

The trenches made for the irrigation system are considered ‘ground under repair’. Old cart paths and immovable rocks and stones embedded through any mown area are also considered ‘ground under repair’. If the ‘ground under repair’ interferes with the competitor’s stance or intended swing (with the club that he/she intends to play), the competitor may take relief by dropping the ball, without penalty, within one club length, no nearer the hole.

Movable Obstructions

Stones in bunkers interfering with a competitor’s intended swing are classified as ‘movable obstructions’ and may be removed, without penalty.

Immovable Obstructions

Cart paths, roadways and sprinkler heads, within the golf course boundaries that interfere with a competitor’s intended swing or stance are considered as immovable obstructions. A competitor is entitled to drop the ball, without penalty, at the nearest point of relief, within one club length, using his / her intended club.

Bounds and Margins

White Stakes: Out of Bounds (rule 27)

Yellow Stakes: Water Hazard (rule 26)

Red Stakes:   Lateral Water Hazard (rule 26)

White Lines:   Ground under Repair (rule 25)

Potential Lost Balls / Provisional Balls

If a competitor’s ball appears to be lost outside of a hazard, do not hit a provisional. If the ball is indeed lost or out of bounds, drop a ball on the edge of the fairway nearest to the point of entry of the ball and take a 2 stroke penalty. This includes par 3’s (Instead of 3-off-the-tee, you would be hitting 4 from the fairway).

Hole 9 Local Rule

A ball coming to the rest on the cart path or the gravel to the left of the cart path, may be dropped within one club length of complete relief on the fairway side. (Right Side).

If a player hits their ball beyond the left hazard line and cannot find the ball, the entire group must agree that it was only hit far enough left to be played as a hazard. If there is any doubt in the group that the ball was not in the hazard and could have been OB that player MUST play their ball as OB – take a drop at the edge of the fairway at point of entry with a 2 stroke penalty, compared to a hazard which would be a 1 stroke penalty and 2 club lengths from the edge of the hazard.

Distance Measuring Devices

Distance measuring devices may be used for distance only.

Doubt as to Procedure – Rule 3-3

During the play of any hole, if a competitor is doubtful of his rights or procedure, he/she may, without penalty, play a second ball. After the situation, which caused the doubt, has arisen, the competitor should, before taking further action, announce to his marker or fellow-competitor his decision to invoke this rule and the ball with which he will score if the Rules permit. The competitor shall report the facts to the Rules Committee before returning his scorecard; if he fails to do so, he/she shall be disqualified.

2019 Groupings for Saturday

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